Sunday, November 30, 2008

wine in wisconsin

Above: Last Sunday; Below: Five years ago (Five years?!)
Last week Matthew and I drove out to the Wollersheim Winery in Prarie du Sac, WI  (just west of Madison) to meet the Vedras (aka Mom and T-Bone) to do some wine tasting. It was our first trip there since January of 2004. Both the winery and we have changed quite a bit. The Wollersheim's have put on a huge new addition and really fancied up the place, and we, well we seem to have gotten older but cuter. The winery actually makes some really nice wines, including several estate wines. Apparently the Sauk river valley creates this perfect environment for certain varietals. It's no Napa or Sanoma or even a Temecula, but it's nice. 

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suze said...

totally agree with the cuter. also, badass looking noro scarf there, matt! :)