Thursday, February 21, 2008

Before I leave

I'm leaving for California today. I am hoping to get lots of work done on my dissertation and see lots of old friends and colleagues. Friday and Saturday I will be attending the philosophy department's annual conference, and on Friday I am also attending a seminar. It will be good to do philosophy socially again. This is the longest trip I have taken back to California since we moved. I won't be home until Sunday, March 2nd. I am going to miss my husband and puppy something terrible, but it will be good practice for this summer when I will be back in Riverside for 5 weeks to teach a class. Since I finished the knitting for M's sweater and don't feel up to fair isle while traveling, I am casting on a pair of spring socks to keep me busy when I am not working on writing about "intrapersonal critical dialogue".

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