Monday, May 5, 2008

happy campers

This weekend Matthew took Scarlett and I on our first backpacking trip. We decided to take things easy for our first time, so we headed to a part of the Santa Fe National Forest only about 20 minutes from home. We hiked in about two miles and set up camp for the night. We pitched our tent in a small canyon along Deer Creek in the Pecos Mountains, explored the creek, scrambled up a steep cliff with loose rock and dead decaying tree bits, read in the late afternoon sun, ate tuna and mac n' cheese prepared on the camp stove, slept with the sound of the creek next to us, had a pancake breakfast cooked over an open fire, and made a new dog friend named Luke (pictured bellow), who thought our dog and pancakes were more awesome than hiking to the end of the trail with his owner. The trip was only about twenty four hours long, but it was great to get away and spend some quality family time in such a beautiful place. Enjoy a few pics:

For more details and pictures check out Matthew's post.

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Susan said...

What fun! And I was happy to see that Santa Fe has a representative from Argos' tribe to play with Scarlett.