Thursday, May 1, 2008

Interweave Fug

Interweave Knits is known for stylish, classic, beautiful knitting patterns, but the spring issue contains a couple of really questionable submissions, including the fuggerific item shown above. Can you believe someone did that to Manos? A crime. The issue is filled with color work and lace, and while much of it is really lovely, I am not sure I would actually knit most of it. So, all and all, I'm sort of disappointed. My faves are the gossamer stars scarf, the tapestry skirt, and the roped shell. Of the three the only one I am likely to make anytime soon is the scarf. The wallis cardigan is also cute, but looks alot like everything from the spring issue.


Anonymous said...

I love the skirt, it's very Missoni.

Team Knit said...

I totally agree- what is up with that ugly ass sweater?! How did that get in there? I'm scared of it, really.

- Julie