Monday, May 12, 2008

saturday (i.e. party day)

On Saturday we woke up early and started preparing for the big party. My mom had agreed to help me plant some pots of flowers for out on our patio and so we headed off to purchase flats of plants. We came back and my mom planted all of these beautiful pots for us (see photo above), while I looked on in amazement and tried to learn. In the afternoon we all took a quick nap before getting ready for the party. By 5pm guests were arriving and the festivities were underway. We had hotdogs on the grill, potato salad. deviled eggs, and baked beans. For dessert - birthday cake from the chocolate maven - it was amazing. Later we had a fire in the outdoor fireplace and somehow, we managed to finish the keg just before the police arrived to tell us to keep it down. All and all, I think it was a huge success.
Above: everyone chatting. Bellow: the cake

Above: Jason, moi, Kristin, and Zack, Bellow: A very bad dog with Coriander, Zack and Amalia

Above: a really cute couple. Bellow: Jen and Matthew
Bellow: Birthday girl and her mommy (who had her when she was 5 years old)

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Rima said...

I read the blurb you wrote about yourself on Ravelry, and stopped by to say hello. I am also spending precious crafting time on my dissertation. Life.